Education has always been one of the strongest pillars of Singapore society.

Singapore is often referred to as the Garden City and even it has achieved a healthy balance between western modernity and traditional culture.

Singapore is notorious for being a clean city; you could be fined or even jailed for breaking some of their notorious laws. Since 1992 – when a vandal stuck a piece of chewing gum on an MRT door sensor – the sale and even import of chewing gum has been banned in Singapore. Smoking in restaurants, cinemas and all indoor public spaces (as well as some public spaces) is also forbidden.

In the last couple of years, Singapore has been recognized as a world leader in research and innovation making it a go-to destination for students fora quality education. The two best-known universities and those which most often feature in rankings are the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The city also boasts popular historical museums that offer a perspective on the successes and sacrifices which have made modern Singapore, plus a lively arts scene that has no shortage of international talent and local creativity.

As a nation whose only resource is its people, education in Singapore is taken very seriously. It is assuring to know that the quality of schooling here is among the best in the world – system and textbooks have been adopted from and adapted by other countries.

How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

✓ When it comes to average living expenses in Singapore, the amount could vary from individual to individual and depends on their chosen standard of living or the way they wanna live.

✓ The average amount could be anywhere near about from (SGD) $2,000 to $12,000, on a monthly basis, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

✓ The educational cost for undergraduate students comes to around INR 12-20 lakhs per year. This depends on the program and the university chosen by them.

✓ Universities like MDIS, a popular choice among Indian students, generally have the tuition fee of INR 15 lakhs per year. Students have the option of taking up the entire amount for payment or have the fees subsidized by agreeing to serve the Singapore Government for three years on completion of the degree.

✓ The tuition fee would be as much as INR 7,19,307 (SGD 15,000) per year. Due to reasons like this, the fee structure sees a lot of variances.

✓ The educational cost for postgraduate students comes to around INR 12-18 lakhs per year.

✓ Postgraduate students can also have their fees subsidized if they sign up for a bond to serve the Singapore Government for three years.

✓ For medical programs such as physiotherapy and dentistry, fees for the clinical year are a quarter higher than the fees for regular programs.