Sponsor a Refugee

Canada immigration Refugee Sponsorships allows individuals, groups of individuals, or organizations to directly engage in refugee admission. However, this can be achieved by providing financial, emotional, social and/or settlement support to help newly arrived refugees integrate in a third country.

This is quite famous in Canada these days, it can be provided in multiple ways. Especially refugee sponsorship is done to provide all types of support to a refugee.

Canada has a well-established private sponsorship program for refugees. The program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents the opportunity to sponsor a refugee to come to Canada. Thereby offering refugees worldwide protection and a new home. Therefore sponsors commit to providing financial and emotional support to refugees during their first year in Canada.

Types of Canada immigration Refugee Sponsorships:

  1. Blended Visa Office-Referred Program :

    The Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) Program. It is a program where both, the private sponsors and the Government of Canada work together to support a refugee. But to do so, The United Nations Refugee Agency needs to identify the refugees that can be sponsored under this program.


  2. Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders:

    Sponsorship agreement holders are groups in Canada. They have signed agreements with the Government of Canada to help or to support refugees from abroad when they come to Canada. They provide many other facilities as well.


  3. Groups of Five:

    Groups of Five are five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Who’s over the age of 18 can sponsor one or more refugees to come to Canada to settle in their local community. A Group of Five can only sponsor an applicant who already has refugee status which is mandatory.


  4. Community Sponsors:

    A Community Sponsor is an organization, association (or you can say) corporation that can sponsor refugees to come to Canada. But they can only sponsor an applicant who already has refugee status.


  5. Private Sponsorship:

    The Private Sponsorship of Canada Refugees Program is a Canadian initiative established in 1978. That too under Operation Lifeline, whereby refugees can resettle in Canada with support and funding from private and as well as can get help from joint government-private sponsorship too.


As we know the program was established in 1978, and it has since resettled and provided support for more than 200,000 refugees under various initiatives and with fluctuating annual intakes. The Canadian system itself is constantly under reform to increase the involvement of refugees shaping their own resettlement experience and for another major factor which helps them in shaping the population.

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