How to Apply for Temporary Resident Visitor Visa?

Canada is home to a great many guests every year. Indeed, in excess of 35 million individuals visit Canada consistently to appreciate the numerous chances our nation has to bring to the table, including seeing loved ones. On the off chance that you wish to come to Canada for a brief reason like an excursion, or to see family or companions, you may require a Temporary Resident Visitor Visa.

The temporary resident visitor visa is a document that allows an alien to proceed to an entry point of the territory to enter Canada.

All foreign nationals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada require a visa to enter Canada unless they have a visa exemption.
A permit is different from a visa. A visa allows you to enter Canada, but it is the study permit that authorizes you to remain and study in Canada. You do not need to renew your Temporary resident visitor visa if you dont leave Canada and do not plan to travel to another country.

If you are a temporary resident in Canada with valid status (that is, you have a valid study permit or work permit), you can also apply for a new temporary resident visa to return to Canada before you leave.

You can apply in Canada if:

  • You are a legally admitted

student /foreign worker

  • In Canada with a Canadian residential address,

Your current temporary resident status is still valid, and your existing visa counterfoil is expired or was valid for only one entry and you need a new temporary resident visa to return to Canada in the near future.


If this does apply to you, follow these steps:



  • Decide how you will apply: You can apply online or on paper.


For Applying online you must have access to a scanner or camera to make electronic copies of your documents to upload, and a valid credit card to pay with.


  • Get the application package


The package includes the application guide and all the forms you need to fill out. Read the instructions on this page carefully before you fill out the form.

Please note the following:

  • You must fill out and sign your own form, even if you are travelling as part of a family. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign your form.
  • We will not refund your application fee.
  • Even if you send a complete application and all the needed supporting documents, you may not get a visa.
  • Be sure to send us all documents we asked for. Missing information or documents can delay your application.


  • Pay your application fees


The Case Processing Centre-Ottawa (CPC-O) only accepts payment online or through a financial institution in Canada. You must get the right receipt and provide it when you apply. The CPC-O will not take any other forms of payment, including money orders, certified cheques or bank drafts.


  • Submit your application


When you have filled out the application forms, make sure you: sign and date them. You must include all documents and proof you paid the application fee in the envelope processing, to make sure your application is not delayed. Pay your fee a few days before you mail your application (financial institutions and credit card companies may need up to five business days to validate your payment). fill out the new 2D barcode form online (if you fill out the application by hand, it will take longer to process).apply at least two months before you plan to leave Canada.

We process applications in the order we get them. We have not yet set processing times for in-Canada applications. We will post updates on this website when they are available.


One or more of the following could delay the processing of your application:

  • Your application is not complete,
  • You need a medical exam,
  • You need a background or security check,
  • You have a criminal record,
  • You need an interview,
  • We need to verify your documents or
  • Other things complicate your case.
  • Using a representative
  • You do not need a representative to apply to visit or immigrate to Canada. However, you can choose to use on.