Australia has a huge demand for skilled professionals and is aggressively seeking immigrants from all over the world. More than 190,000 professionals & trades people received Australian PR visas in 2017-18 and for 2018-19, a total of nearly 190,000 places are available for migrants to settle.

It also allows the dependent partner and children of principle applicant to migrate to Australia. If you are qualified, the Australian skilled migration policy is very useful for Australian migration.

Major benefits of applying for an Australian PR Visa:

  • You can Earn in dollars.
  • You will get good healthcare & retirement benefits.
  • You can also live, work and study in any Australian state.
  • Even it allows you sponsor your relatives to join you in Australia.
  • And the best part, Australian passport allows you to travel visa free to a number of countries.
  • You will also get access to certain social security payments.
  • Being eligible for Australian citizenship too.

Australia ranked 3rd in the Index of Economic Freedom (2010). It is the world’s 13th largest economy and has the 5th highest per capita GDP (nominal) at $66,984. Melbourne reached first place on The Economist’s 2011 World’s Most Cities list, followed by Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide in sixth, eighth, and ninth place respectively. It has a very low poverty rate and high living standard. Australia has an average annual growth rate of 3.3%.